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Top Ten

November 9, 2009
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The Top Ten Things I Learned From A Weekend With Former Housemates:

10. You can put a piano on wheels and play it on a street corner

9. It’s a lot more fun to be silly in a group of people when others are being silly with you, and weddings do not mean that silliness goes out the window

8. “Monk Fish Puller” is an actual job title

7. When I laugh hysterically for hours, I will end up with a headache instead of tears.

6. Taylor, the Latte boy will never cease to entertain

5. Weddings do not have to be expensive to be AWESOME

4. The “Sound” is actually the name of a body of water.

3. A vivid reminder of how God goes out of his way for us. Among many ways He showed up over the weekend, present at the wedding was the couple who GAVE my former housemate an engagement ring

2. Inside jokes never grow old

And the number one fact that I learned over the weekend?

1. The guest bathroom in our house proudly houses Robert F. Kennedy’s toilet.

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