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I forgot my pen.

November 26, 2008

Phone rings.

Kyla: Good morning, Bridges to care

Woman: Yeah, can you give me some information on Dental

Kyla: Sure. Are you working at least 20 hours a week?

Woman: Yeah, I work

Kyla: Okay, here’s a phone number for a dental clinic (starts to give the number)

Woman: hold on I forgot to bring an ink pen

(shuffle, shuffle, loud noise, shuffle)

Woman: hey, you got a pen? let me, here, ok, what’s the number again?

(shuffle, shuffle, shuffle)

Kyla: 329-

Woman: Wait, hold on, I don’ t have a pen, let me just get a pen. OK, 329

(shuffle shuffle)

Kyla: 329-47

Woman: wait a second. hey, (says to someone else in the room) can you write this down for me? You have the pen. I can’t get it. What was it? 329?

(paper shuffling)

Kyla: 329-4790. Let me give you the number for another clinic also.

Woman: Hold on, I’m in the bathroom, 329-4790. Did you get that? I can’t get it.  Ok, what’s the other number?

(shuffle, shuffle, hand dryer heard in background)

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  1. November 26, 2008 10:00 pm

    i love that you posted this with no commentary. because really…what can you say?

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