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Things I’m Thinking About

September 3, 2008

Here are a few (okay, many) things I’ve been thinking about:

How little I know about what it really means to be healthy
What does it mean to not run away
Sometimes it’s okay to run away.
February looks like a good month to buy a house
– Should I buy a car first
– I question the sanity of all persons running for President
– I am really sick of DTRs
– I need to finish that grad school application
– I’ll study for the GRE…tomorrow
Finally, I’m doing things I’ve always wanted to
Time for the yearly read of The Alchemist
– My best friend lives too far away
– What does it truly mean to live for today
How do I love and support those that are close to me
when they make decicions that are opposite my beliefs
– What’s for dinner?
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  1. Ruhiyyih Rose permalink
    September 4, 2008 6:50 pm

    I forgot comment here and say that your list made me truly laugh out loud! That last one let me know that you were grinning as you wrote it, not stressing out.

    #11 should be, when should I visit DC? (Answer, next week. Fo Sho.)

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