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Excuse me, may I sit here?

August 29, 2008

Today I enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Nashville Farmer’s Market. Since I sit in an office all day long, I didn’t want to waste the sunshine so, naturally, I sat outside for lunch. There were two tables outside that I saw, and one was occupied. From where I sat I could see the lovely Bicentennial mall, and the couple eating lunch at the other table. Now to the point.
What is it about our culture that says in that situation, you’re invading someone’s space? Now, if I had not been eating alone, it would not have been a “space invasion” at all. However, since I sat alone and just enjoyed the scenery, I’m sure the couple must have thought I was thouroughly enjoying their conversation (I didn’t hear any of it, I promise). I truthfully didn’t mind the awkwardness, and I’m sure they didn’t either. In fact, Eric, being more confident than I today, initiated great conversation.
Still, I wonder, is this delicious awkwardness a human thing or a cultural thing? I’m going with cultural. Maybe we just like our space, or because I was alone and wasn’t occupied, I really was only there to listen to their conversation. Or – maybe -because I was alone and unoccupied, I was the only one who thought it a strange situation!
Thank you, Eric, for great conversation and for giving me a topic for yet another blog post. For everyone else – go check out the Farmer’s Market. I am taking fresh peaches and pears on my road trip this weekend! Happy Labor Day weekend.
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